Bringing the goods into the UAE.

Lionsrock is a general trading company located in Dubai. We are speciallised in the import of goods into the UAE and the distribution via e-commerce shops.

Import of

Whether registration, labeling or checks by laboratory: Lionsrock helps you to get your goods approved and imported into the UAE.

Why Us?

Lionsrock is your partner for the import of goods into the UAE and we are an expert in the e-commerce logistics.

Logistic of

Lionsrock runs its own warehouse and is an expert for the logistic between shop and consumer.

Import of Goods.

Import License.

A company that likes to import goods into the UAE needs an import license to be allowed to process the goods through customs. Lionsrock has a “General Trading” license is therefore allowed to import most of the goods into the UAE.


Consumer goods that are imported into the UAE need to have a label in Arabic and (among other requirements) have the production and expiry date printed on the label. Lionsrock can help to prepare the label in accordance with UAE law.


Some of the goods needs to come from certified sources/processes to be allowed to be imported. Lionsrock helps to apply for such certifications and guides the producer in this process.

Logistic of E-Commerce.

Lionsrock is a specialist in running online shops with focus on the fulfilment part. Online shops can use the services of Lionsrock to take care of storing, picking and delivering the goods.

Upgrade your bricks-and-mortar business to a company that combines the traditional retail channel with an e-commerce channel without investing into the build-up of a fulfilment infrastructure.

Online Shop

Lionsrock in cooperation with our sister company CRESCOtec can help you building an online shop adapted to your specific needs. No problem, if you already have a software company of your choice: Lionsrock is still ready to offer you the fulfilment services.


Lionsrock runs a warehouse in Al Quoz and offers you to store your fast moving goods there to shorten the delivery time. Alternatively we collect the goods from your warehouse or shop and bring them to our facility for picking and packing.


Our logistic experts prepare the orders and optimise the packaging for a quick delivery. We handle the picking (combine the different products based on the order), the labelling of the box and the printing of the delivery slips.


Lionsrock has an experience logistic team that handles the delivery all over Dubai. The sophisticated rout planning and tracking software allows for an efficient and smooth delivery service in the whole city. Our friendly team is well trained in the measures taken to avoid spreading illnesses and pest.


Lionsrock handles the logistic in case of a defect or the return of goods from the buyer back to the supplier. Our team of professionals will ensure a quick and friendly processing of such demands to help winning back client’s trust and loyalty.

OfficeRock is one of the online shops run by us.

OfficeRock is a B2B supplier of office material from computer to stationaries, from table and chairs to pantry food.

Lionsrock is Now Offering Synology Products

Our sister company CRESCOtec is a certified integrator of Synology products. We can help you with the configuration of your IT infrastructure and the configuration of fail-safe backup and mirroring structures. You can source the Synology products as part of an implementation project or directly from our sister company Lionsrock in its online shop OfficeRock.


Meet the Team.


Joan Murillo


Alejandro Opoc


Joy Pascual


Dan Vino


Nonnah Rena


Rajeesh Korah


Paula Galvez

Mertay Piyanci


Meenu Mohan


Anzar Alam


Lori Bebila


Amjath Jayakumar

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