General Trading.

Lionsrock is a general trading company located in the UAE.

We are engaged in international trade of various products.

Since its incorporation in 2013 the company is an active player in the UAE and knows the local market with all its opportunities and challenges.

Our international network allows us to source products from around the world and our strong cooperation with different logistic partners allows us to deliver such goods to clients even outside the Middle East.

Main Products traded by Lionsrock.

We are trading in commodities like grains, sugar and oil products. We are engaged in sustainable sourcing and try to have a full view of the product sourcing chain from producer (farmer, mine etc.) through the wholesale traders to us.

Lionsrock is engaged in the trade of hight-tech equipment like products of SAMSUNG, Synology or different brands for LED lights and mobile phones.

Triggered by our sister company CRESCO Power, that has a requirement to source tier-one products for the construction of their solar power plants, Lionsrock has put its expertise in the service of the group and started sourcing of solar panels, battery packs, inverters and whatever required to build such renewal energy plants.

Lionsrock is a part of